HC Forklift America Corporation Introduces Two New North American Models

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Charlotte, NC: HC Forklift America Corporation (HCFA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangcha Group, is excited to announce two new models designed specifically for the North American market.  The first model is the new XF Series LPG Cushion Tire Forklift with a 13,500lb – 15,500lb load capacity.  This model increases the capacity range of our already successful line of LPG Cushion and Boxcar forklifts. HCFA has also added the new A Series Electric Stand-Up Tow Tractor with a 10,000lb towing capacity. Powered by either a lithium-ion or lead-acid battery, this tugger provides operators with the flexibility needed to move parts, machinery, and other materials through large manufacturing facilities.

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XF Series LPG Cushion Tire Forklift

13,500lb – 15,500lb load capacity

After looking at the needs of the paper, metal, and large manufacturing industries in North America, Hangcha Group developed the new, large-capacity LPG Cushion Tire forklift. This forklift features an operator presence sensing system, suspension seat, large LCD instrument display, and a wide view mast for productivity and comfort. The large capacity cushion tire forklift’s drivetrain includes the EPA certified 4.3L PSI engine, Okamura transmission, heavy-duty drive axles, and a high-capacity aluminum radiator to reliably operate in these applications. The newly designed XF Series LPG Cushion Tire Forklift, with a 13,500-15,500lb load capacity, is the perfect forklift for North American paper, metal, and large-scale manufacturing facilities.

Click the link to learn more about our XF Series LPG Cushion Tire Forklift

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A Series Electric Stand-Up Tow Tractor

10,000lb towing capacity

The new electric stand-up tow tractor from Hangcha Group is designed to be a compact, versatile solution for manufacturers.  The tow tractor allows them to move materials between production lines at speeds of up to approximately 9 miles per hour. This is thanks to the high-performance and maintenance-free A/C traction motor, CANBUS communication structure, and Curtis controller.   The stand-up tow tractor also features a standard tow hook, regenerative braking, steering angle limiter, double pedal cushion, and an operator backrest.  The tugger is available with either a lead-acid or maintenance-free lithium-ion battery depending on the application. Moving materials between production lines just got a whole lot easier with HC Forklift America Corporation’s new 10,000lb A Series Electric Stand-Up Tow Tractor.

Click the link to learn more about our A Series Electric Lithium-ion Stand-up Tow Tractor

Click the link to learn more about our A Series Electric Stand-up Tow Tractor

To learn more about these new introductions in the full line of HC Forklift America Corporation’s material handling equipment, contact your authorized Hangcha dealer or visit HC Forklift America’s website at New Introductions