The New XC Series 3-Wheel Electric Lithium-ion Pneumatic Forklift from Hangcha Group

Charlotte, NC: HC Forklift America Corporation (HCFA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangcha Group is excited to announce the new XC Series 3-Wheel Electric Lithium-Ion Pneumatic Forklift with a 3,200-4,000lb capacity. This new generation of 3-wheel lithium-ion forklift was designed from the ground up to replace the previous generation A Series 3-Wheel Electric Lithium-Ion Pneumatic Forklift. The new XC Series 3-Wheel Electric Lithium-Ion Pneumatic Forklift is an integrated 80V lithium-ion forklift that features longer run times, a lower center of gravity, an easy-access charging port, and a 50% larger operator compartment.

“The new XC Series 3-Wheel Sit Down Lithium-Ion Forklift demonstrates the leading edge thinking of Hangcha’s engineering group. The redesign includes moving the lithium-ion battery pack into a lower position of the unit offering stability along with moving the counterweight inside the frame to reduce the length of the unit. Performance and run time is also unmatched at this time. HC Forklift America will continue its pursuit of leading-edge products through the remainder of this decade. Our high voltage products are next and will Electrify the Industry. Watch for them.” – Frank Russo, Vice President of Sales and Dealer Development



Great maneuverability, an integrated 80V lithium-ion design, longer run times, and an ergonomic redesign of the operator compartment are just a few of the reasons why the next generation XC Series 3-Wheel Electric Lithium-Ion Pneumatic Forklift is helping Hangcha to make material handling easier.

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About HC Forklift America Corporation: HC Forklift America Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hangcha Group. The parent company, Hangcha Group was founded in 1956. 67 years later, Hangcha Group continues to manufacture reliable material handling equipment. Quality and innovation are two of the reasons that Hangcha Group is ranked 8th globally in sales of material handling equipment, distributes to over 180 different countries, and employs over 5,400 people.