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80V X Series Electric Lithium-ion Burden Carrier
3,000-6,000lb load capacity

The X Series Electric Lithium-ion Burden Carrier features Hangcha’s advanced AC drive control technology. This combined with our new Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs provides the burden carrier with excellent performance, safe and reliable operation, and low maintenance costs. The lithium-ion powered burden carrier is a highly efficient tool perfect for keeping materials flowing among different zones in workshops, flow lines, airports, race tracks, and large manufacturing facilities.


1. The X Series Electric Lithium-ion Burden Carrier has a smooth vivid profile and was designed to be ergonomic. The exterior of this tow tractor is powder coated in a durable, easy-to-see, green finish that designates it as lithium-ion powered.
2. The materials, such as the diamond plate bed, create a robust and durable product that is able to successfully take on the wear and tear of its operational environment.

1. The easy to see digital dashboard provides operators with vital information such as the battery charge indicator, fault detection, speedometer, and hour meter.
2. The burden carrier can reach speeds up to 12.42 mph to increase productivity and efficiency.
3. The permanent magnet brushless traction motor, electronic controller, and aluminum alloy gearbox work in unison to provide a highly efficient, fast start-up, energy-saving, and quieter operating experience.

1. The front and rear axles feature a fully-elastic suspension system to decrease vibration and provide operator comfort.
2. The low step-on platform allows for easier access into the operator’s compartment.
3. The ergonomic operator’s compartment allows for the operating pedals, instruments, steering wheel, and switches to easily be reached. Operation is more comfortable as a result.
4. The LED lighting illuminates the burden carrier’s surroundings for easy operation both during the day and at night.
5. The optional electric power steering, with a turning force of 8-12N, creates an easier operating experience for the operator.
6. The optional fully enclosed driver’s cab allows for work to continue in all types of weather.

1. The brushless AC traction motor and battery pack are maintenance-free. This allows for significant savings in maintenance costs.
2. The electronic control cover plate can be easily accessed and removed. This allows for convenient maintenance of the electronic control system.
3. The controller and electronic components are placed together in the chassis because they are highly integrated. This creates one main electronic component area for easy maintenance.

1. Important components, such as the switches, connector clips, and instruments, are all parts from industry-known suppliers to ensure reliability, performance, and ease of service.
2. The chassis, driving axle, steering axle, and so on are all designed with strength in mind to meet heavy-load operating conditions.
3. The chassis is designed with a frame and girder-type structure. This allows it to be lightweight while retaining a great load capacity.
4. As a part of the standard configuration, the emergency cut-off switch is designed to meet ITSDF safety standards.
5. The battery and electronic system are highly efficient. In addition, all of the wires and cables are protected to significantly increase the reliability of the burden carrier’s electrical system.
6. The brake system and anti-slip function are designed to increase operational safety.

1. Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.
2. HANGCHA provides these Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 ) battery packs with up to a 5 year or 10,000 hour warranty.
3. See warranty certificate for specific warranty information on the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs.

BD30Li Compartment

Spacious Operator Compartment

BT30Li Suspension

Full Suspension Platform

BT30Li Maintenance Hatch

Large Maintenace Hatch

BT30Li Seats

Two Seats for Personnel

  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS)
  • LED Light System
  • Large Screen LCD Display
  • Emergency Cut Off Switch
  • Horn
  • Reversing Buzzer
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holder
  • Tow Pin
  • Full Suspension Platform
  • Two Seats for Personnel
  • Seat Belts
  • Electric Power Steering System
  • Large Diameter Steering Wheel
  • Full Suspension Seat
  • Platform Guardrail
  • Full Cabin
  • Operator Fan
  • Rain Cover with or without Wind Screen and Windscreen Wiper
  • Left and Right Mirror
  • Strobe Light
  • Blue Light
  • Rear Working Light
  • Reverse Alarm
  • Side Charging Port
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Solid Pneumatic Tires
  • Charger
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Electric Parking Brake
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