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36V A Series Electric Narrow Aisle High Level Order Picker with Lithium-ion Technology
3,000lb lifting capacity

The A Series Electric Lithium-ion Narrow Aisle High Level Order Picker is a new logistics handling device developed by Hangcha Group for the high-intensity operating conditions of the North American market. With AC drive technology, it offers excellent performance and low maintenance costs. It is also safe, reliable, stable, and can be easily operated. This is ideal for stock picking in low and medium-level stereoscopic warehouses of 20’ in height or lower.

  • The order picker can reach a maximum laden driving speed of 7.5mph. This enables the operator to work efficiently.
  • The AC drive motor offers excellent acceleration, good climbing performance, & low heat generation. In addition, it is maintenance-free thanks to the motor not having carbon brushes.
  • The advanced CURTIS AC control system provides precise, smooth, and efficient control of the order picker.
  • The CANBUS communication structure allows for each of the order picker’s systems to communicate faster and more reliably.
  • The operator compartment is lifted and dropped at a proportionately adjusted speed with accurate control.
  • The large multifunctional instrument display has many functions including speed selection, wheel display, etc. In addition, it clearly displays various information about the order picker’s various systems.
  • The operator compartment has a cushioning speed reduction function when being raised to the top and lowered to the bottom. This prevents harsh impacts and improves comfort.
  • The multi-layer damping pedal pad improves the operator’s comfort level and reduces their fatigue.
  • The operator compartment comes standard with LED lights to improve visibility when picking in poorly lit environments.
  • The full-body harness protects the operator.
  • There are safety guardrails on the left and right sides of the operator compartment. The guardrails are equipped with detection switches to prevent operation when the guardrails aren’t down in their locked position.
  • The mast chain is equipped with a chain that is 10 times stronger and features a safety switch.
  • Operators must step on the safety pedal to move the order picker. This is designed to increase safety when operating the order picker.
  • The order picker features a pallet lock on the forks to prevent a pallet from following. Hangcha also offers an optional double-clamp pallet lock which is suitable for different pallet types.
  • The tilt switch is equipped as a standard feature.  When the order picker is tilted to a certain angle, forward, backward, or to the left or right, it stops working. The cabin must be lowered to a certain height to continue working.
  • The hydraulic system has an emergency manual lowering valve at the rear of the order picker to lower the cab manually.
  • The order picker features an intelligent driving deceleration system. This feature limits the travel speed based on the height at which the operator’s cab is lifted.  The higher the lifting height, the lower the travel speed and the less acceleration. The function of proportional speed reduction in corners is also equipped standard to ensure a smooth and safe turning speed.

1. The vehicle’s frame is robust and reliable thanks to its high-strength steel frame structure.
2. All of the order picker’s wires and cables are protected. This greatly improves the reliability of the electrical system.
3. Switches, connectors, instruments, and other key parts are all high-quality products with excellent performance and quality.

1. Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.
2. HANGCHA provides these Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 ) battery packs with a 10 year or 20,000 hour warranty.
3. See warranty certificate for specific warranty information on the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs.

1. The brushless AC motor is maintenance-free. This saves the end-user time and money.
2. The integrated power display, timing, and fault self-diagnosis meter are convenient for maintenance.
3. The rear hood can be easily removed without tools. This is convenient for maintenance of the hydraulic unit, electric control, motor, and other parts.

OPHTS13Li Dual Charging Ports

Dual Charging Ports

OPHTS13Li Operator Compartment Lights

Convenient Operator Lights

OPHTS13Li Operator Pad

Comfortable Operator Foot Pad

OPHTS13Li Pallet Clamp

Manual Pallet Clamp

  • AC Drive Motor
  • Ground Strap
  • Pallet Lock (single-clamp)
  • Easy-to-Operate Controls
  • Key switch
  • Large Multifunctional Color Instrument Display
  • Rearview Mirrors
  • Storage Compartment
  • AC Drive Motor Controller
  • Automatic Speed Reduction when Cornering
  • Safety Chain Switch
  • Emergency Shut-Off Switch
  • Tilt Switch
  • Left and Right Guard Rail
  • Guard Rail Safety Switch
  • Horn
  • Safety Pedal
  • Electromagnetic Brake
  • LED Operator Compartment Lights
  • Strobe Light
  • Pallet Lock (double-clamp)
  • Various Mast Heights
  • Side Roller
  • Blue Light
  • Operation Light
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