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24V A Series Lithium-ion Industrial Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker
2,000-4,000lb lifting capacity

The A Series Lithium-ion Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker is designed to go where all general walkie stackers do. However, the counterbalanced stacker is unique because it is also designed for operations that use enclosed pallets.  The design makes moving enclosed pallets easier because it allows for the little clearance there is in the pallet.  Cutting-edge AC drive control technology and electric power steering provide advanced performance, comfortable operation, safety, reliability, and low maintenance costs. It can be used for loading and unloading in warehouses, supermarkets, and workshops.


1. The A Series Industrial Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker Pallet Truck has a smooth vivid profile and was designed to be ergonomic. The exterior of this forklift is powder coated in a durable, easy to see, green finish that designates it as a lithium-ion powered counterbalanced stacker.
2. This pallet truck uses stamped steel plates and injection molded parts. This creates a robust and durable product that is able to successfully take on the wear and tear of a warehouse environment.

1. The stepless speed regulation provides the operator with more accurate operation of the forks, and smoother and steadier lifting and lowering of goods..
2. Thanks to the tiller’s design, all operations can be completed with one hand.
3. The counterbalanced stacker’s design provides the operator with a wide field of view allowing them to easily enter and withdraw from a pallet.
4. The compact design of the straddle stacker and large rounded corners make the truck suitable for operation in narrow operational spaces.
5. The optional battery side roll out provides the operator with an easy way to install or replace the battery.

1. The truck uses stepless speed regulation for more accurate lifting and lowering of goods.
2. The Electric Power Steering system makes maneuvering and load handling extremely easy.
3. The brushless AC travel motor features excellent acceleration, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission, and is maintenance-free.
4. The latest CURTIS AC control system is highly efficient thanks to its accurate and stable control.
5. The CANBUS structure makes communication between all of the machine’s functions faster and more reliable.
6. The truck’s regenerative braking prevents it from sliding on a grade.
7. The forward and backward tilting function of the carriage makes loading and unloading goods safer.

1. The three-support points, low center of gravity, and the high-strength steel framed design feature a large residual load capacity, durability, and a long service life.
2. All wires and cables are protected to significantly increase the reliability of the straddle stacker’s electrical system.
3. The non-contact proximity switch is reliable and features a long service life.
4. The low noise and vibration hydraulic power unit provides the straddle stacker with stable and reliable mast movement.
5. The mast is made of H-shaped steel channels to give it better stability and rigidity.
6. The power plug is fastened to straddle stacker’s body to prevent damaging the plug when installing the battery.

1. Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.
2. HANGCHA provides these Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 ) battery packs with up to a 5 year or 10,000 hour warranty.
3. See warranty certificate for specific warranty information on the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs.

1. Travel speed is lowered automatically when the forks are lifted to/past a specific height.
2. As the truck’s steering angle increases, the truck’s speed decreases. This is a standard safety feature.
3. The counterbalanced stacker features three types of braking functions, release braking, reverse braking, and emergency braking, for safe operation.
4. The anti-sliding function on a grade ensures a safe operational workspace.
5. The emergency reversing button at top of the tiller protects the operator from being injured in case of an emergency during the backward operation of the truck.
6. The soft landing function reduces the mast’s lowering speed automatically when the forks are lowered to a height less than 3.9” from the ground. This is designed to protect the goods from hitting the ground too hard.

1. The brushless AC drive motor is maintenance-free. This significantly reduces the operating costs of the straddle stacker.
2. The integrated battery indicator, hour meter, and self-diagnostic instrument are all easy to use.
3. The maintenance hatch opens to allow for easy access to all of the truck’s components.
4. The lithium-ion battery is maintenance-free meaning that the operator does not have to check or water it. This allows for a more productive and cost effective operational environment.

WCS18Li REMA Tiller Head

Ergonomic REMA Tiller Head

WCS18Li Mast Tilting Function

Features a Tilting Mast

WCS18Li Soft Lowering

Soft Landing Forks

WCS18Li Rigid Mast

High Strength Mast

  • AC Drive Motor
  • CURTIS AC Drive & Oil Pump Motor Controller
  • Electric Power Steering System
  • Automatic Deceleration when Turning
  • Proportional Speed Regulation for Lifting, Lowering, and Tilting Functions
  • Multi-Function Battery Condition Meter
  • High Performance Load Bearing Wheels
  • 42” Fork Length
  • 8.3-35.4” Range of Adjustability for Outer Distance of Forks
  • 106.3” Limited Free Lift 2 Stage Mast
  • Soft Landing System
  • Multi-Function Tiller
  • Creep Speed Function
  • Emergency Reverse Function
  • Horn
  • 3° and 8° Forward and Backward Tilt of Mast Respectively
  • Load Backrest
  • Wire Mesh Mast Shield
  • Various Mast Heights
  • Various Fork Lengths
  • Side Battery Extraction
  • Sideshifter
  • Freezer

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