New Product Launch: 4.0~4.99t A Series 4-W Electric Forklift Truck

Dear Friends,

We are glad to introduce 4.0-4.99t A series 4-W Electric Forklift Truck to you.


● Load capacity range covering: 4.0t/4.5t/4.99t

● Models: CPD40/45/50-AC4/AZ4

● Feature:


/ EPB system (Electric Parking Brake);

Tips: Operator must read the operating instructions and precautions, especially use external force or drag the forklift without battery that is forbidden to prevent damage on electromagnetic brake.


/ Dashboard is relocated to the overhead, easy to see;

/ LED lighting system;

/ High efficiency AC driving motor …

● Options:


Battery side roll-out;

Different lift height mast;

Fingertip control system;

Integrated sideshifter;

Blue spot light;