Hangcha Intelligent Launches Heavy-load AGV

Just at the beginning of 2018, Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. (The “Hangcha Group”) added a new member to its product line of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) – the heavy-load (above three tons) stacking AGV developed by the Group was successfully put into service in ceramic industry. Currently stacking AGVs in China are all below two tons, so this model fills the gap of heavy-load stacking AGV above three tons in this country. The product has the following features:

Heavy load: Load capacity is 3t when load center distance is 950mm, and is up to 5t when load center distance is 600mm. It is the stacking AGV with the largest load capacity currently in China. It has the merits of solid structure, good rigidity of chassis, small volume, and flexible operation.


High positioning accuracy: Its positioning accuracy reaches ±5mm, and the AGV can stack and take empty pallets automatically, which saves stacking space substantially, and increases utilization rate of space.


Good integration: It can integrate with ERP, WMS, automatic dispatching system, conveyor line, WCS, and other hardware and software, and realize genuine unmanned operation in factory. With laser navigation, the AGV has trackless running, wireless communication, automatic navigation, self-charging, self-obstacle avoiding, self-diagnosis of faults, and other functions, and features the advantages of high accuracy and heavy load.

Hangcha Group is committed to become a top-ranked intelligent logistics total solution provider in the world. It took the lead in researching and developing AGV equipment independently in the industry since 2012, successfully brought in NDC technology that was the most advanced and most reliable in the world in 2016, and established the “Hangcha Intelligent Logistics” software team. The group has completed its strategic layout in the sector of intelligent logistics, with leading position in China and advanced level in the world in many aspects such as system integration, automatic control, and hardware manufacturing. Today the intelligent logistics system of Hangcha Group has helped many customers realize transformation to intelligent manufacturing, and received unanimous recognition from the market. The Group has established in-depth cooperative relations with many companies including BMW China, General Motors, Anji Logistics, Jingdong Logistics, and Fengshen Logistics, and its products are widely applied in many industries such as automobile, logistics, rubber, and photovoltaics.

The birth of this above-three-ton heavy load stacking AGV symbolizes a new level of Hangcha’s AGV in the aspect of heavy-load stacking. The successful application in ceramic industry indicates that the application of AGV has entered into a new industrial field. In 2018, Hangcha Group will launch many more AGV trucks, look into many more industrial fields, and truly realize easier handling and more intelligent logistics.