Built-in charger and maintenance free battery.


The compact body and big rounded design provide an ideal operation in limited space, and the wedge designed chassis greatly increases the passing ability.


Pump motor controller offers proportional lowering, it can provide low noise, precise control and stable lower good.


Fixed Straddle Baselegs ( Inside Dimension in 4” increments from 38” to 50”); Adjustable baseleg optional to fit a wide range of pallet sizes.


1.A series walkie straddle pallet stacker applied professional industrial design, stream lines, and compact, and fully ergonomic consideration, in line with the latest design trends.

2.Applied steel stamping and injection molding processes for front and back guard, which is robust, durable, and also environmental compliance.

1.AC travelling motor applied to provide excellent acceleration, good gradeability, low heat, no carbon brush and maintenance free.

2.The latest CURTIS AC control system provides accurate and stable control to work more efficient.

1.Water-proof plugs and connectors applied to provide a reliable protection to electric system.

2.Using non-contact proximity switch, it can provides long life and reliable operation.

1.Simple and beautiful tiller designed to operate all functions easily even by one hand.

2.Displayed turtle speed function applied to move slowly and helps to stack goods in narrow spaces.

1.Travel speed will be automatically reduced after fork lifting 500mm.

2.The power plug is fixed on the truck body to avoid damage from battery installment.

3.The applied slope anti-slip function ensures the safety of the operation.

1.AC motor with no cabin brush, don’t need maintenance, lower cost.

2.Integrated battery indicator, hour meter and self-diagnostic instrument are all easy for maintenance.

  • Maintenance-Free battery 225Ah
  • Industrial battery 240Ah
  • Load Backrest
  • PIN code access
  • Adjustable-width base legs
  • 2-Stage Mast 78-141in(2-3.6m)
  • Mast shield of PC plate
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