Batters side roll out


The dashboard with integrated large-screen instruments can be moved sideways to enable the changing battery easier


The A series center-control rider pallet truck adopts a professional exterior industrial design. The truck has a smooth vivid profile and a fully ergonomic design, following the latest exterior design trend.

1. The operating mode provides large and comfortable workspace.
2. With the compact and stylish tiller, all operations can be completed with one hand.

1. EPS(Electric Power Steering) system help operators working more comfortable.
2. The maintenance-free high-power brushless AC traction motor has excellent acceleration performance, good climbing performance and low heat generation.

1. With a high-strength steel frame structure, the truck frame has a large residual load capacity and a long service life.
2. The auxiliary wheel adopts a shock absorber–torsion bar structure to ensure that the forklift has good stability.

1. With the functions of release braking, and emergency braking to ensure safe driving.
2. With protection to prevent sliding down a ramp to ensure safe operations.

1. With a maintenance-free brushless AC drive motor to significantly reduce the operating costs.
2. The multi-functional large-screen instruments integrate battery display and real-time speed and fault self-diagnosis functions to facilitate maintenance.

  • A full range of batteries capacity (300-750Ah)
  • Auxiliary picking platform
  • Packaging film holder
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