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X Series Empty Container Handler
19,500lbs load capacity

The X Series Empty Container Handler, with a 19,500lb load capacity, is built for the rugged environments that ports and container terminals are known for. The empty container handler is based on the same chassis that our high-capacity X Series forklifts use.  Because of this, the X Series Empty Container Handler inherits the same design characteristics that make the X Series Pneumatic Forklifts safe, reliable, comfortable, and efficient. The new X Series Empty Container Handler loads, handles, and stacks empty 20ft and 40ft ISO containers with ease.


The fully enclosed, floating cabin has a curved front window and redesigned sides to increase visibility. The cabin doors are all glass to increase visibility beside the empty container handler. The exterior design of the whole vehicle is at the forefront of the development of the empty container handler’s design. While sturdy and elegant in appearance, the vehicle remains practical and rugged. The integrated interior design is simple and comfortable to improve productivity and keep the operator focused.

The X Series Empty Container Handler was designed with performance in mind. It features a newly designed cab, wet disc brake drive axle, easy-to-read instrument display, and highly efficient LED lights as a part of the standard configuration.

The new floating cabin is designed to promote comfort and safety for the operator. The cab offers a waterproof and dustproof design to keep the operator out of the elements. The cab is also designed to reduce the noise coming into the cabin. The air conditioner has been redesigned to enable better performance and more uniform cabin cooling. The interior features molded components to provide the operator with a more comfortable and ergonomic operating environment. The cab also features a new integral frame made up of steel to increase strength and safety. Finally, the cab and the empty container handler’s profile have been optimized to increase visibility and enable the operator to see all around the truck.

The ergonomic integral joystick enables accurate control of the forklift. The optimized hydraulic braking system enables smooth, easy-to-control, braking. The suspension seat and adjustable armrest allow for the operator to find their ideal driving position. Together all of these features create a more comfortable operating experience for the operator.

The easy-to-read instrument display offers more comprehensive functions and more stable performance. It displays important information on the truck’s status as well as engine faults. The battery compartment provides easy and convenient access to the battery. Major components, including the engine, are easily accessible thanks to the easy-access maintenance hatches. This design allows quick and easy maintenance and creates less downtime.

Hangcha uses the powerful Volvo diesel engine in the X Series Empty Container Handler. The Volvo engine is Tier 4F compliant.  This engine helps Hangcha’s X Series Empty Container Handler maximize its efficiency and reliability for the end-user.

The DANA 36000 transmission provides stable, accurate, and reliable travel with its power-shifting feature.

The forklift features a KESSLER heavy-duty drive axle, two-speed deceleration, wet brakes, and hydraulic release spring action parking brake for safe and reliable operation.

ECH90 Display

Easy-to-See Display

ECH90 Spreader

Container Handling Spreader

ECH90 Engine

Easy-Access Maintenance Hatch

ECH90 Lights

Efficient LED Lights

ECH90 Operator Compartment

Great Visibility

ECH90 Reverse Camera

Rear Camera System 

  • Customized Color
  • Solid Pneumatic Tires
  • Strobe Light
  • Fire Extinguisher (4.4lb/8.7lb)
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device
  • Blue Light
  • Front Camera (with optional memory)
  • Scale
  • Tire Pressure Monitor
  • Speed Limit Alarm
  • Central Lubrication System
  • Automatic Vertical Mast
  • Ground Strap
  • Operator Fan

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