FREI tiller


The roomy platform features low steps heights to reduce fatigue, and cushioned
lean pads (Opt.) allow the operator to adjust stance throughout the shift, enhancing operator comfort


The CURTIS AC control system offers accurate and stable work, and higher efficiency


The load backrest is secured with high-strength bolts, which can protect the operator effectively


1.The design of pallet truck frame of high-strength steel plate can satisfy various work conditions, with long service life.

2.Box-type stamped fork features higher strength and impact resistance, with excellent strength and rigidity.

3.Water-proof plug connectors offer reliable protection for all cables, which increases reliability of the electrical system significantly.

4.The limit switch of lifting motor eliminates overflow of the hydraulic power unit, which is more energy efficient, and can protect the motor of power unit.

1.Low-noise reduction gear box and high-elasticity PU traction wheel result in low noise.

2.Additional wheels supported with PU blocks and springs realize more stable travelling.

3.Inner concave design at bottom of machine hood offers larger room for operator’s feet.

1.The AC driving motor features excellent acceleration performance, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission, and is brushless, and maintenance-free.

2.The CANBUS bus structure realizes faster and more reliable communication for the entire machine.

3.The operating handle has a Picking button as standard configuration, so the pallet truck may be operated at the side to increase efficiency of picking operation.

4.Regenerative brake of the pallet truck prevents it from sliding on a slope.

1.Integrated machine hood, smooth lines, full of dynamics, in compliance with environmental requirements.

2.Frame and fork of stamped steel plates, solid and reliable.

1.Release braking, reverse braking, and three types of emergency braking can ensure safety of traveling.

2.Anti-sliding function on slope can ensure safety of operation.

3.The emergency braking button on top of operating handle can avoid the driver from injury effectively in case of emergency during backward driving of the pallet truck.

  • High-efficiency AC driving motor
  • High-performance PU driving wheels
  • CURTIS AC controller
  • High-performance hydraulic power unit
  • Anti-skid pedal pad for standing operation
  • CANBUS multi-functional operating handle
  • Multi-functional interactive instruments
  • PU buffering elastic auxiliary wheels
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Load backrest
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