New designed mast and the large open steel roof provide super visibility, it also can reduce risk of accidents.


Fully closed operation plate space, tilting cylinder and flat bottom plate, providing more comfortable and safe operation.


Side roll out the battery can provides the fast, simple and safe solution for the operator.


Multi-function instrument with color screen, clear human-computer teraction interface for visualized reading.


1.Appearance design methods of new concepts, streamlined surface modeling, flexible and smooth lines, elegant and decent.
2.Compact truck shape, simplified appearance, vigorous and powerful.
3.Optimum energy efficiency.

The traction motors are arranged in parallel, the batteries are fixed at the bottom of the truck frame, and the shaft distance and real-wheel distance have been lengthened, aiming to enhance the swing point of steering axle and shorten front overhang distance for excellent stability.

1.The inner and outer turning angle of steering wheels are enlarged with small turning radius, which can operate in narrow paths.
2.Multi-speed models for selection to adapt various working conditions.
3.A high-power traction motor and high-speed-ration gearbox have been adopted. The maximum travelling speed and climbing gradient under full load have been increased to 10.3mile/h and 20% respectively.

1.Designed based on ergonomics, the longer wheelbase provides larger space for legs. The diameter of steering wheel has been decreased to 11.8inch. Seats can be adjusted forward and backward for operators to choose the best driving position.
2.Humanized design. Storing space, USB interface and others have been added.

1.LED front lights and combined lights provide better view to operators under any circumstance.
2.The panoramic rearview mirror provides broader rearview for safer driving.

1.The bottom plate under feet can be disassembled without tools, which is convenient to check and repair all walking motors and systems.
2.Brake fluid can be added when the shield cover and oiler cover are opened.

1.High frequency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of travelling, lifting, and better adjustable performance, and better matches the motor. Regenerative braking, reverse current braking and anti-slide on slop function guarantee the operation safety.
2.AC controllers realize computer control in travelling, turning, lifting, inclining and other movements.

  • 78.7~196.9inch duplex mast
  • 98.4~157.5inch full free duplex mast
  • 169.3~275.6inch full free triplex mast
  • Other length forks
  • Wide fork carriage
  • Wide or higher load backrest
  • Hang on or Integral sideshift
  • Accessories of other specifications
  • Front dual tire
  • Solid Pneumatic Tire
  • Non-marking tyre
  • Suspension seat with armrests
  • Suspension seat with higher OHG
  • Reversing hand grip with horn button
  • Left-right rearview mirror
  • Rear working light
  • Storbe light
  • Battery side removed by forks
  • Battery side roll out by roller
  • High-capacity Chinese battery
  • Lithium battery
  • Charger
  • OPS system
  • Fingertip system
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