Large screen display, the instrument panel adopts injection molding design, sturdy and durable


Full suspension operating platform, vibration is reduced, noise is isolated


Repair, maintenance and replacement of the battery are convenient and fast, and it is suitable to continuous work


2 operators on board, optimised driving position for maximum comfort and efficiency


LED headlight has the head light and dipped light functions. The front turn light utilizes the latest stream light technology


Streamline and large curved surface appearance, combined with eagle eye type LED integrated head light, entirely-new appearance and vision, more novel and fashionable.

1.Digital dashboard with battery charge indicator, fault detection, speedometer and hour meter.
2.The whole truck has high speed and eciency, and the traveling speed can reach 20km/h.
3.Permanent magnet brushless traction motor+electric control+aluminum alloy high-efficiency gear box, high efficiency, fast start-up, energy-saving and noisereduced.

1.The front and rear axles are fully elastic suspension system with low vibration and good comfort.
2.Low step-on platform for comfortable access.
3.Different operating pedals, instruments, steering wheels and switches are configured according to the ergonomics requirements, operation is comfortable and flexible.
4.EPS (electric power steering) is optional, the force is 8-12N, it is easy for operator.
5.The fully-enclosed driver’s cab is optional, and can meet all-weather works.

1.The AC traction motor is free maintenance, and the cost is greatly reduced.
2.The electric control cover plate can be easily dismounted, and it is convenient for commissioning and maintenance of the electric control system.
3.Controller and electrical components are placed together for high integration.

1.Such main electric parts as motor controller, contactor, power plug, emergency power-off switch and so on are famous brand products.
2.The chassis, driving axle, steering axle and so on are designed based on high strength, and can meet the heavy-load operating conditions.
3.The frame and girder type structure, has light weight and great bearing capacity.
4.The emergency power-offswitch is the standard configuration, and can meet the European safety standard.
5.The power system has high eciency and complete protection functions, the reliability and service life are greatly improved.
6.Thanks for the brake system and anti-slip function, it provides safety and reliability.

  • EPS ( Electric Power Steering) system
  • Large-diameter steering wheel
  • Full-suspension seat
  • Guardrail of platform
  • Rain cover with/without wind screen and windscreen wiper
  • Fully-enclosed cab
  • Fan
  • Left and right mirror
  • Alarm light
  • Blue spot light
  • Rear working light
  • Voice-type reversing buzzer
  • OPS system
  • Large-capacity battery
  • High-performance battery
  • Battery side roll out
  • Terminal power supply
  • Solid tyre
  • Charger
  • Fire extinguisher
  • EPB (Electric Parking Brake)
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